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Recovery Ranch is a brotherhood -- we live as gentlemen in recovery through  hard work, accountability, and care for each other. We stay sober by putting others before ourselves.


With Ranch Outreach (R.O.), we want to give this same care back to the community.  

R.O. is aimed at connecting the enthusiasm and gratitude of the men at Recovery Ranch with non-profits and locals in need.  Residents of the Ranch will help cook, clean, build, landscape, serve, and connect with people who need a hand, working with a variety of non-profits as well as initiating new projects to create meaningful connections with those we serve.  In addition to local service, Ranch Outreach will also provide life-changing experiences for Ranch residents to volunteer abroad in Costa Rica, building homes and relationships with families working through poverty.


As recovering addicts and alcoholics, we often share many of the same struggles and stories as those we are serving.  Having the opportunity to share our experience, strength, and hope with others and give back what we've gained in our recovery is a privilege, an honor, and a necessity.





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